Video Credit: Magnolia Meadows

Can we use outside vendors if we have someone we wanted specifically?

Yes. For instance, if you have your own event coordinator or wedding cake vendor you’d prefer to use, that can be arranged easily with our staff.

Will we need to have the Magnolia Meadows coordinator at our event?

Yes. All events done at Magnolia Meadows require a professional event coordinator (of your choosing) to be present on the day of your event. We have a list of trusted coordinators that will be in your welcome packet.

Is there a fee for using outside vendors?

No, there isn’t a fee for using an outside vendor, with the exception of bartenders. You must use the Magnolia Meadows bartender.

What time frame will the venue be available for my event?

13 hours, going no later then midnight the same day. (Example: 9:00am-10:00pm, 11:00am – 12:00am-midnight)

Is there any additional cost for the set up and take down of tables and chairs?

No, this is included in the venue price. Magnolia Meadows staff will setup chairs your ceremony, either inside or outside, setup for the reception (tables and chairs) is your responsibility. Magnolia Meadows staff will take down all tables and chairs after your event.

What type of table is at the venue? How many tables? How many chairs?

We have 30 round plastic 60″ (5ft) tables and 20 rectangular plastic 96″ (8ft) tables, as well as an assortment of additional smaller round tables for cakes/gifts, etc. We have approximately 250 interior wood chairs and 250 exterior white folding chairs available as well.

Do you have sample floor plans available?

Yes, we have several configurations samples developed to maximize the space available in the room for a variety of event types.

Are there any restrictions or rules about entertainment or decorations?

Yes, they are listed in our rules and regulations guidelines which you will receive a copy of prior to your event registration being finalized.

Do we need to aquire a security vendor for our event?

No, armed police security is provided for all events by Magnolia Meadows, only when alcohol is served.

Will a manager be present to oversee the event until the end?

Yes, our venue manager will be present throughout the entirety of your event.

Can cars be left at the venue overnight?

Yes, vehicles may be left at the venue overnight. However, they must be removed by 9:00am the following morning or they will be towed at the owners expense.

Will there be a sound system inside and/or outside and available for use?

Yes, we will have a portable sound system available for rent for $400. Most DJ’s will bring their own equipment, so if you’re paying for a DJ, you should consider checking with them.

Does Magnolia Meadows have liability insurance?

Yes, we are fully insured.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes, we do offer a payment plan. Please get in contact with our venue manager to discuss a variety of payment options.

What is the fee to reserve a date for an event?

The fee to reserve a date is $2,000 and then two additional payments after that for the remainder of the venue rental balance.

Can we make a payment via credit card?

Yes, we do offer payment via credit card. However, we prefer cash or check.