6 Easy Ideas for Pampering Your Wedding Party

Your wedding is one of the most beautiful and meaningful days of your life, and making it to that point has meant putting in endless hours of planning and decision-making!

But this double-sided coin of stress and excitement has been shared between more than just you and your to-be spouse. Your wedding party has been involved from day one, so give them some personal pampering time pre-wedding as a huge thank you!

6. To wrap or not to wrap: the spa treatment

Two Women at the Spa
You can’t go wrong with just about anything a local spa has to offer! From waxing to facials, how could this not end well? Take your bridesmaids for more than just a pedi and mani, and let the stress fall away with a deep-tissue massage or a body wrap. Even though the groomsmen might not be game for getting their nails buffed, massages and steam rooms are excellent ways to let your guys know they are appreciated.

5. Game night (but not like the movie!)

Playing a game
Ban any talk of the wedding and dive into a night of laughter and genuine old-school entertainment. Sometimes friendships can get lost in the craziness of the wedding planning, so take time to simply sit with your wedding party, drink some champagne (or beers!), and laugh it up with party games like What Do You Meme? or The Voting Game.

4. Impromptu coffee and bagel

Coffee and bagels
So it doesn’t have to be a bagel, but how meaningful would it be to randomly pick up your wedding party’s favorite coffee indulgence and show up at their place of work or home and treat them to breakfast on you? This random act of kindness shows how well you know your wedding party and that they are on your mind! This small gesture can be spread out over a week or two if your wedding party is large, or you can hit it like a caffeine blitzkrieg. Either way, your ability to remember the exact order for each person will most likely end up in the best-man speech. “Remember that day when the bride and groom somehow managed to remember the exact order for each of us? From the Quad Espresso latte, iced with three pumps of caramel syrup, five pumps of vanilla, whole milk with extra caramel drizzle to the Triple, venti, half-sweet, non-fat caramel macchiato?” Small acts go a long way!

3. Backyard movie

Movie in the backyard
Pick a clear night, load up the cooler with drinks, whip up some appetizers or hamburgers and invite the wedding party out for a backyard movie! Although this idea is a romantic throwback to a different era, make sure you double-check all your equipment before the night of to avoid a movie fiasco.

Choose an appropriate space, iron a bed sheet or grab a blackout cloth, rent a projector, use a Bluetooth speaker to amp up the sound and – voila! You are set for a memorable night of chilling and eating way too much popcorn. Once again the simplicity of simply hanging out and spending time with your closets friends has been a time-proven way to reduce stress.

2. Monogram your way to monogamy

Monogramed wedding favors
Whether it’s your baseball cap or a satin robe, monogramming is still all the rage, especially for the bridesmaids! Wearing matching or coordinating clothing to events or the bachelorette party is highly popular. Monogramming could be incorporated on wine glasses, yeti-type cups, purses, clothing, or glass-etched pictures given as keepsakes. Even though this idea lends itself to the bridesmaids, the groomsmen would never turn down the gift of a baseball cap with tickets to a game for a fun night out with the groom!

1. Don’t forget the snacks

Women drinking alcohol
On the Big Day, don’t forget that the munchies that will hit everyone as you primp and wait for the clock to hit show time! Prepare a nice spread of snacks and drinks for everyone to enjoy. A platter of protein bites, a veggie tray, cheese and crackers, and, of course, a tray or two of warm cookies or brownies will disappear quickly but provide the needed energy for the big day. If you choose to incorporate adult drinks, just watch out for the little hands of the flower girls and ring bearers!


Incorporating some of these personal pampering ideas for your wedding party will strengthen friendships, reduce stress, and show your closets friends how much you appreciate their investment in your life.

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