One of the advantages of choosing a wedding venue like Magnolia Meadows is the opportunity to create quality entertainment for your youngest attendees! Here are a few tricks to keeping those little people entertained.

Use the Great Outdoors

The grounds around the venue hold ample space to set up games like hopscotch, oversized Jenga, and lawn bowling. Jump ropes, hula-hoops, and beanbag tosses will help burn their endless energy before the dancing gets started! Providing an outdoor drink station, and possibly even a small snack bar, will win you the undying gratitude of the parents!

Be Prepared for Bad Weather

The best-laid plans are often thwarted by Mother Nature, so be prepared! Indoor entertainment could be as simple as providing a game table filled with classics like Guess Who, Uno, or Candy Land. Even older kids would love to dive into a round of Apples to Apples or Monopoly!

A craft corner is another idea for little hands. Crayons, coloring pages and stencils offer endless entertainment during the reception. Including play dough would be another win-win, and you could include an idea list of things for them to try to create, like a wedding cake, a model version of the bride and groom, a bouquet of flowers. If you don’t want to have a designated craft corner, a simple alternative is to provide wedding-themed placemats or activity booklets with a bundle of crayons for each of the kids to work on at their own table.

Never Underestimate the Power of the Photo Booth

If you are debating the cost of adding a photo booth, the results are in: kids are crazy about these almost-selfies! The unique combination of sugar-buzzed imaginations and a box of hilarious props will offer endless laughs for everyone. Plus, the takeaway pictures are the perfect wedding favor for the families to always remember your big day!

Host a Kid’s Dance Off

What could be better than having a kid’s dance off in the middle of the reception? Give your DJ four or five hit songs that will get all the kids to the dance floor for some pint-sized entertainment. Songs like “Happy,” “I Like to Move It,” “Twist and Shout,” “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” and “Call Me Maybe” are all great fits. For added laughs, make sure to play “Let it Go” at the end of the set and watch the kids go crazy!

Non-traditional Entertainment

Bounce houses have been a long-standing birthday party staple, but recently they have been making their appearance at wedding receptions. Pros include providing a way for kids to get out from underneath parent’s feet and beat the boredom of an adult-geared reception. Cons would include the sweaty mass of kids that emerge from the jump zone needing a lot of hydration and the need for adults to man the activity.

Another idea is to hand out disposable cameras with an “I Spy” list attached for the children to capture throughout the event. This could be a very unique way to get some fun candid shots! Just remember to put the children’s names on the cameras to avoid confusion and have extras on hand in case they break.

Set up an extra room as a movie room and play classic cartoons or a Pixar movie! Bags of popcorn or a bowl of snacks would go a long way to keep the kids entertained and give them a space to calm down before the reception ends.

Hopefully these ideas fuel your imagination as you plan your perfect wedding reception!

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