The Top Wedding Trends of 2018 Just Might Surprise You

Take a peek at the top wedding style trends that have graced the weddings of 2018 and then add a few to your upcoming wedding!

Honey, I shrunk the wedding party!

Bridesmaids getting ready
Gone are the days when the bridal party numbered into the double digits! Modern couples are now choosing only a select few to stand up with them as they say, “I do.” This trend has slowly formed in response to the rising cost of maintaining a large wedding party, the stress of keeping everyone organized, and the gained freedom to let your bridesmaids match but not be obligatory cookie cutters. It also saves time on the wedding day especially for the photographer as fewer single portraits, coupled pictures with the bride and groom, and group pictures are required. Your guests waiting at the reception will be grateful for the quick turn-around picture time post-wedding!

Dressed to the nine.

Wedding dress with sleeves
Sleeves, sleeves, and more sleeves are the trend for the bridal gowns this year. Whether the sleeve is capped, off the shoulder, bell, or even designed more as a cape, the bride-to-be will find all these options in the dress shops and online. The bridal veils have also been revamped with statement details like fringes and metallic embellishments to add a dramatic effect on the entire ensemble. Adorning the hair has been an increase in the use of embellishments like pearls, feathers, or crystals. The popular bridal silhouettes still widely range from more modest necklines to bared backs, so the perfect dress is out there waiting for each bride!

The groom also has a growing list of fashion choices as he prepares for the big day! On one end of the spectrum is the black-tie wedding with the classic black-suit formal look that pairs perfectly with a more elegant bridal styling. Especially popular for this style choice is the black bowtie – very debonair! If the wedding is more relaxed, many grooms are choosing to go with the lighter color jacket in shades of grey and ivory (also known as “greige” in wedding jargon). A blue suit, whether bright, muted, or classic, exudes a timelessness that perfectly compliments most bridal choices. Lastly, if you want some fun, check out the tweeds, checks, or herringbone options to add some fashionable texture!

Take a step back, Nudes!

Floral centerpiece
For the last few years, nudes and ivories have reigned as the go-to bridal styling for bouquets, but 2018 has seen a rise in the addition of darker floral colors, especially various shades of purples, mauves, and lavender. These colors add a richness and texture to the bridal bouquet that translates understated elegance in the pictures and really pops against the bride’s dress. Another trend has been to pair these deeper colors with the white flower of the dogwood creating a very unique and gorgeous bouquet! Better yet, if you can’t decide on what type of arrangement you want, the single-stem flower bouquets are also back in fashion.

Personalized Décor

Personalized wedding décor
Modern weddings tend to be organized around styling platforms (like rustic or retro) with the color scheme following closely behind. Once the overall look is established, the primary emphasis now revolves around adding personal touches that define the couple. Think one-of-a-kind décor options like large block letters that feature the new couple’s initials or wooden signs that inscribe the important dates for the couple’s love-story timeline. The rise of DIY options has made personalization even more achievable, as well as affordable! Monogram, Cricut, and creatively design your way into a very personable and unique wedding and reception experience!

The Rise of the Plants

Flower backdrop at wedding
From potted plants lining the wedding aisle to the creation of a mossy wall backdrop for the bride and groom, it is the year for plants to make their appearance at the wedding! Plants provide a fresh and unexpected look to the wedding décor and can be easily customized to reflect the couple. There is also an eco advantage as the plants can be gifted out or planted in the couple’s garden afterwards versus the hefty price tag that accompanies floral arrangements that ultimately end up in the trash.

If you choose to incorporate greenery into your reception centerpieces, make wise choices with your guests in mind. If your centerpieces block the conversation, it will be a wedding fail! Decorate with small succulents to offer base texture and then choose plants with longer trunks or stems for the centerpiece so that your guests enjoy the reception without frustration.


Bride and groom dancing in front of geometric 'LOVE' lettering
Nothing screams modern like the addition of geometric décor in your wedding, and this style choice has grown and remained popular the last few years! Add geometric designs on your wedding invitations and then follow up with tasteful similar patterns in your wedding décor, especially for the reception. These sharp-looking geo patterns can be center stage with a large wall backdrop or more subtle with simple metallic geo figures that accentuate the flowers. Most of these can be easily DIY-ed, so this won’t cost a lot to incorporate into the wedding budget!

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